Monday, October 5, 2015

Extreme Weather for Oct 6th

Good evening,

After historic flooding slammed South Carolina the past couple of days, some sort of relief is on the way as drier conditions slowly returns to the area.

The heavy rain, which began late last week, intensified over the weekend bringing over 2 feet of rain to some location in just hours. Coastal flooding and beach erosion became an all too common scene throughout coastal areas, but the biggest threat came in the form of floods that threatened and put many lives and properties at risk. Drivers were constantly caught in a few inches of water that caused their cars to stall and in many cases be swept away forcing for their immediate rescue as conditions continued to worsen.

Drier conditions, which will begin Tuesday, are expected to last through the week allowing not only relief to all those affected but also aiding in the recovery and clean up process as flood victims slowly return to their everyday activities and volunteers help in delivering the necessary aid to those affected.

The next chance for rain will come this weekend as a cold front moves in from the Northwest, however, flooding rain is not to be anticipated.

A good week to all!
Jen Gonzalez